Boarding Price- $25 for large dogs,

$20 for small dogs

In home sitting is available! We only take 2 at a time. Small dogs $30/night. Large Dogs are $35/night. This allows dogs to get snuggles and extra attention to make them feel right at home.

Day Care- $10/day


  • Please bring own food with instructions. One (1) blanket and (2) toys are allowed per pet. Rawhides or any toys that the dog may choke on are not allowed. We charge $3 a day if we use our own food.

  • Beds will be provided at no additional charge and are sterilized and clean.

  • Happy Paws Ranch is not responsible for loss or damage to any personal item left with your pet.

  • Multiple pet families may share a suite.

  • Happy Paws Ranch is not responsible for injuries sustained to pets boarded together. In the event that pets require separation, you will be responsible for additional suite charges.

  • Happy Paws Ranch reserves the right to move stressed, temperament, or destructive dogs.

  • We provide daily updates, photos and videos of your dogs if requested.

  • Free baths on request.

  • Free walks for every dog! Customers can suggest how often their dog would want to be walked.

For more information about boarding, click here. 

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  • Hours

    Monday‐Friday 6:00am‐7:00pm Saturday 8:00am‐12:00pm Sunday 1:00pm‐ 6:00pm

    1921 Pleasant View Rd. Temple, TX 76501
    (254) 780-5119
  • Our Goal

    At Happy Paws Ranch is to provide you with a worry-free trip or day away, while we care for your four pawed family as if they were our own. You can assure they will feel relaxed and at home.
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