What to do if Your Dog is Sad at Doggy Daycare

If you own a dog, your pet is most likely like a part of your family. This means that you want to make sure that your dog is cared for at all times and not lonely. If you have a work schedule that forces you to be away from your home for most of the day, this does not mean that your dog needs to be lonely. Instead of leaving your dog cooped up in a cage all day long, you have the ability to put your dog in doggy daycare. This is the perfect solution for you and a great way to make sure that your dog is getting the attention that it needs. When you start taking your dog to doggy daycare, you might notice that your dog is a bit sad when you leave. This is normal and there are ways that you can lessen the amount of time that your dog needs to adjust to doggy daycare.

Here is more information about what to do when your dog is sad at doggy daycare:

It is Normal

The main thing that you need to remember is that it is completely normal for your dog to be sad when you begin taking it to doggy daycare. It is in a new environment that it is not familiar with at all. This means that there will definitely be some type of adjustment period for your dog. This is just the norm and what you have to deal with when you start taking your dog to doggy daycare for the first time. Most dogs will get over their sadness once they get used to going to doggy daycare each day. This means that it should go away on its own with the first few weeks.

Speed Up the Process

It is also possible for you to speed up the amount of time that it takes your dog to get used to doggy daycare by making sure that you take your pup around other dogs before you begin dropping it off. This means that you can take your dog into the daycare facility a few weeks in advance to get it acquainted with the facility and lessen the amount of nervousness and fear that your dog will have to deal with once you start dropping it off on your way to work. You can lessen the sadness by just getting your dog more familiar.

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