Boarding Price

$35 for extra large breeds (above 80 lbs)

$30 for large dogs (20 lbs to 80 lbs)

$25 for small dogs (under 20 lbs)

Day Care- $10/day


  • Please bring own food with instructions. One (1) blanket and (2) toys are allowed per pet. Raw-hides or any toys that the dog may choke on are not allowed. We charge $3 a day if we use our own food.

  • Beds will be provided at no additional charge and are sterilized and clean.

  • Happy Paws Ranch is not responsible for loss or damage to any personal item left with your pet.

  • Multiple pet families may share a suite.

  • Happy Paws Ranch is not responsible for injuries sustained to pets boarded together. In the event that pets require separation, you will be responsible for additional suite charges.

  • Happy Paws Ranch reserves the right to move stressed, temperament, or destructive dogs.

  • We provide daily updates, photos and videos of your dogs if requested.

  • Free baths on request.

  • Free walks for every dog! Customers can suggest how often their dog would want to be walked.

For more information about boarding, click here. 

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  • Hours

    Monday‐Friday 6:00am‐7:00pm Saturday 8:00am‐12:00pm Sunday 1:00pm‐ 6:00pm

    1921 Pleasant View Rd. Temple, TX 76501
    (254) 780-5119
  • Our Goal

    At Happy Paws Ranch is to provide you with a worry-free trip or day away, while we care for your four pawed family as if they were our own. You can assure they will feel relaxed and at home.
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